Be Disobedient


Membership to make business

Picture a world where we're not just reacting but anticipating consumer demands, where our products and marketing strategies dance to the beat of changing preferences. That's right – we're not just keeping up; we're staying steps ahead in this B2B2C game.

By understanding how the economy influences purchasing habits and aligning our textile trends accordingly, we're not just riding the wave; we're leading the charge. This project isn't just about reports; it's about delivering dynamic, actionable content tailored for the daily grind of Product, Purchasing, Marketing, and Sales teams.

Think monthly reports chock-full of insights, solutions, and results ready for immediate implementation. With Be Club, it's not just another subscription; it's a monthly rendezvous packed with unique, valuable experiences guaranteed to elevate your creative and commercial game.

Format: Semiannual circuit with monthly delivery.


Textile Innovations

Embark on a global journey of textile breakthroughs, transforming cutting-edge successes into actionable regional solutions for instant industry impact.

Textile Economy

Navigate the complex landscape of textile economics with finesse, leveraging insights on imports, consumption trends, and crisis management strategies tailored to your market's needs.

User Experience

Elevate your brand's allure with captivating marketing case studies and communication strategies, guaranteed to forge lasting connections with your audience's desires and aspirations.

Trend Highlights

Ride the wave of denim's ever-changing currents with our curated seasonal trend roundup, showcasing the hottest textures, washings, and silhouettes that'll keep your brand riding high on the wave of fashion.


Be the first to know, the first to go! Dive deep into the pulsating heart of denim culture with insider access to the latest shows, fairs, and industry gatherings, where every product launch and networking opportunity becomes a game-changing moment for your brand.


Ignite the spark of retail revolution within your team! Our bespoke training sessions offer more than just knowledge – they're a transformative journey that empowers your multidisciplinary squad to craft compelling sales pitches infused with empathy, ensuring every design finds its perfect match in the retail world.